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An Experimental Study of Radiated So from Elastic Thin Plate in a Turbulent Boundary Layer
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An Experimental Study of Radiated So from Elastic Thin Plate in a Turbulent Boundary Layer
Lee, Seung-Bae; Gwon, O-Seop; Lee, Chang-Jun;
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The structural modes driven by the low wave-number components of smooth elastic wall pressure provide a relatively weak coupling between the flow and the wall motion. If the elastic thin plate has any resonant mode whose wave-number of resonance coincides with /Uc/, the power will be transmitted to those modes of vibration by the flows. We examine the problem in which the elastic thin plate is subject to pressure fluctuations under turbulent boundary layer. Measurements are presented of the frequency spectra of the near- and far-field pressures and radiated sound contributed by the various wave modes of the thin elastic plate. Dispersion equation for wave motions of elastic plate is used to investigate the effect of bending waves of relatively low wave number on radiated sound. The low wave-number motion of elastic plate is observed to have much less influence on the low-frequency energy of wall pressure fluctuations than that of the rediated sound. High amplitude events of the wall pressure are observed to weakly couple with high-frequency energy of radiated sound for case of low tension applied to the plate. The sound source localization is applied to the measurement of radiated sound by using acoustic mirror system.
Turbulent Boundary Layer;Elastic Thin Plate;Acoustical Mirror;Radiated Sound;Wall Pressure Spectrum;
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난류 경계층에서 컴플라이언트 코팅된 벽면과 점탄성 벽면의 방사 소음에 관한 실험적 연구,이창준;이승배;권오섭;전우평;

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