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Interrelationship Between Topological Structures and Secondary Vortices in the Near Wake of aCircular Cylinder
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 Title & Authors
Interrelationship Between Topological Structures and Secondary Vortices in the Near Wake of aCircular Cylinder
Seong, Jae-Yong; Yu, Jeong-Yeol;
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Characteristics of secondary vortices is topologically investigated in the near-wake region of a circular cylinder, where the Taylor's hypothesis does nut hold. The three-dimensional flow fields in the wake-transition regime were measured by a time-resolved PIV for various planes of view. The convection velocities of the Karman and secondary vortices are evaluated from the trajectory of the vortex center. Then, saddle points are determined by applying the critical point theory. It is shown that the inclination angle of the secondary vortices agrees well with the previous experimental data. The flow fields in a moving frame of reference have several critical points and the mushroom-like structure appears in the streamline patterns of the secondary vortices. Since the distributions of fluctuating Reynolds stresses defined by triple decomposition are closely related with the existence of secondary vortices, the physical meaning of them is explained in conjunction with the vortex center and saddle point trajectories.
Topological Structure;Critical Point;Convection Velocity;Fluctuating Reynolds Stress;Time-Resolved PIV;
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