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A Numerical Study of the Melt Puddle Formation in the Flow Casting,
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A Numerical Study of the Melt Puddle Formation in the Flow Casting,
Kim, Yeong-Min; Im, Ik-Tae; Kim, U-Seung;
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In the planar flow casting(PFC) process, the conditions of the melt puddle between nozzle and rotating wheel affect significantly the quality and dimensional uniformity of the downstream ribbon. For stable puddle formation, the nozzle is placed very close to the quenching wheel, so the surface-tension and wall-adhesion forces have an important effect upon the fluid flow.\`In this study the planar flow casting process has been mode]ed using the VOF method for free surface tracking. The transient puddle formation from the present analysis shows good agreements with the previous experimental results. Furthermore, the variation of melt temperature and the corresponding cooling rate of the melt have been examined. The present results also show how the melt puddle can be farmed on the rotating substrate, how the melt flows within the puddle, and how the changes of the process variables affect the puddle formation and its corresponding fluid flow and heat transfer behavior.
Planar Flow Casting(PFC);Rapid Solidification;Puddle Formation;Amorphous Alloy;VOF Method;
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