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Flow Control Inside a Molten Zn Pot for Improving Surface Quality of Zinc Plated Strips
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 Title & Authors
Flow Control Inside a Molten Zn Pot for Improving Surface Quality of Zinc Plated Strips
Choe, Jae-Ho; Go, Min-Seok; Kim, Seok; Lee, Sang-Jun;
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The flow fields inside a molten Zn pot of continuous hot-chip galvanizing process were investigated experimentally. With varying several parameters including the strip speed Vs, flow rate Q of induction heater. scrapper location and baffle configuration, instantaneous velocity fields were measured using a PIV velocity field measurement technique. Inside the strip region, counter-clockwise rotating flow is dominant. The general flow pattern inside the strip region is nearly not influenced by the strip speed Vs, flow rate Q and the scrapper location. In the exit region, the flow separated from the moving strip due to the existence of a stabilizing roll ascends to the free surface, for the cases of no scrapper and scrapper detached form the roll. On the other hand, the ascending flow to the free surface is decreased, as the flow rate Q of induction heater increases. By installing a baffle around the uprising strip, the flow moving up to the stabilizing roll decreases. In addition, B-type baffle is better than A-type baffle in reducing speed of flow around the stabilizing rolls. However, the flow ascended to the free surface is largely influenced by changing the flow rate Q, and the scrapper location, irrespective of the baffle type.
Flow Control;Molten Pot;Zinc Plating Process;PIV;Scrapper;Baffle;
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