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A Study on the Near Wake of a Square Cylinder Using Particle Image Velocimetry ( I )- Mean Flow Field -
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A Study on the Near Wake of a Square Cylinder Using Particle Image Velocimetry ( I )- Mean Flow Field -
Lee, Man-Bok; Kim, Gyeong-Cheon;
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Mean flow fields in the near wake of a square cylinder have been studied experimentally using a Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV). Ensemble-averaged velocity fields are successfully measured fur the square cylinder wake including the reverse flow region which arises many difficulties in accurate measurement by using conventional techniques, Experiments are performed at two free stream velocities of U/ = 1.27m/s and 3.03m/s. The corresponding Reynolds numbers based on the free-stream velocity and cylinder diameter are 1600 and 3900, respectively. The intensity of free-stream turbulence is less than 1%, the blockage ratio (D/H) is 6.6% and the aspect ratio (W/D) is 40. The effect of Reynolds number on the near wake of a square cylinder has been investigated by the global mean velocity and instantaneous velocity fields. The most striking feature is that the length of the recirculating region increases with increasing Reynolds number, which turns out totally reverse trend compared with those observed in the circular cylinder wake at the same range of Reynolds number. Fer the case of higher Reynolds number, the mean velocity data agree well with those of relevant existing data obtained at much higher Reynolds numbers, which reflects the general aspect of sharp-edged bluff body wake.
Square Cylinder;Near Wake;Mean Flow Field;Particle Image Velocimetry;Recirculating Region;
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