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A Study on the Helically Coiled Heat Exchanger of Small Diameter Tubes
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A Study on the Helically Coiled Heat Exchanger of Small Diameter Tubes
Kim, Ju-Won; Kim, Jeong-Hun; Kim, Jong-Su;
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In order to develop the compact and flexible heat exchangers, we made the helically coiled heat exchangers. They can be manufactured with small diameter copper tubes without the need for fins; inner diameter=1.0 mm, straight tube length=1.5 m. The experiments were carried out with the following conditions; evaporation pressure=0.6 MPa, air velocity=0.7 ∼ 1.7 m/s, and working fluid=R-22. Pressure drop and heat transfer coefficient of heat exchangers were experimented according to the air velocity. The results of heat transfer coefficient show a 35% beneficial increase fur these heat exchangers over the other covered fin-tube heat exchangers. A cooling capacity of about 3 kW was obtained with an air velocity of 1.5 m/s. The distribution header has also been designed fur efficient distribution of refrigerant flow.
Heat Exchanger;Hectically Coil;Heat Transfer Coefficient;Pressure Drop;Small Diameter Tube;
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