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Development of a High Resolution Digital Cinematic Particle Image Velocimetry
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 Title & Authors
Development of a High Resolution Digital Cinematic Particle Image Velocimetry
Park, Gyeong-Hyeon; Kim, Gyeong-Cheon;
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A high resolution digital cinematic Particle Image Velocimetry(PIV) has been developed. The system consists of a high speed CCD camera, a continuous Ar-ion laser and a computer with camera controller. To improve the spatial resolution, we adopt a Recursive Technique for velocity interrogation. At first, we obtain a velocity vector fur a larger interrogation window size based on the conventional two-frame cross-correlation PIV analysis using the FFT algorithm. Based on the knowing velocity information, more spatially resolved velocity vectors are obtained in the next iteration step with smaller interrogation windows. When the correct velocity vector at the first step is found to be critical, a Multiple Correlation Validation(MCV) technique is applied to decrease the spurious vectors. The MCV technique turns out to improve SNR(Signal to Noise Ratio) of the correlation table. The developed cinematic PIV method has been applied to the measurement of the unsteady flow characteristics of a Rushton turbine mixer. A total of 3,245 instantaneous velocity vectors were successfully obtained with 4 ms time resolution. The acquired spatial resolution corresponds to the conventional high resolution digital PIV system using a 1K 1K CCD camera.
Cinematic PIV;Recursive Technique;Multiple Correlation Validation;Rushton Turbine;
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