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Liquid Atomization and Spray Characteristics in Electrostatic Spray of Twin Fluids
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Liquid Atomization and Spray Characteristics in Electrostatic Spray of Twin Fluids
Kim, Jeong-Heon; Bae, Choong-Sik;
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This paper presents the experimental results of a study undertaken to develop an electrostatic spray system for a combustion application. The characteristics of the liquid atomization and the droplet dispersion in the electrostatic spray of twin fluids were investigated by the optical measurement techniques. The processes associated with the break-up of charged jets were also observed using the laser sheet visualization. The diameter and velocity of droplets were simultaneously measured using the phase Doppler measurement technique. The electrostatic atomization of the liquid fuel depended primarily on the charging voltage and the flow rate, but the dispersion of droplets depended significantly on the aerodynamic flow. Aerodynamic influences on the liquid atomization decreased with an increase of the charging voltage. Consequently, the liquid atomization and the droplet dispersion could be independently controlled using the electrostatic and aerodynamic mechanisms.
Electrostatic Spray;Twin Fluid Spray;Liquid Atomization;Jet Break-up;Phase Doppler Measurement;
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분무탑식 스크러버에서 이류체 정전분무에 의한 집진효율의 향상,황유성;김종호;김종현;

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