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Flow and Heat/Mass Transfer Characteristics of Arrays of Impingement Jets with Effusion Holes
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Flow and Heat/Mass Transfer Characteristics of Arrays of Impingement Jets with Effusion Holes
Lee, Dong-Ho; Yun, Pil-Hyeon; Jo, Hyeong-Hui;
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The present study has been conducted to investigate heat/mass transfer characteristics on a target plate fur arrays of circular impingement jets with and without effusion holes. A naphthalene sublimation method is employed to determine local heat/mass transfer coefficients on the target plate. The effusion holes are located at the center of four injection holes in the injection plate where the spent air is discharged through the effusion hole after impingement on the target plate. For the array jet impingement without effusion holes, the array jets are injected into the crossflow formed by upstream spent air because the impinged jets must flow to the open exit. For small gap distances, heat/mass transfer coefficients without effusion holes are very non-uniform due to crossflow effects and re-entrainments of spent air. However, uniform distributions and enhanced values of heat/mass transfer coefficients are obtained by installing the effusion holes. For large gap distances, the crossflow has little influence on heat/mass transfer characteristics on the target palate due to the large cross-sectional open area between the injection and target plates. Therefore, the distributions and levels of heat/mass transfer coefficients are almost the same for both cases.
Impingement Jet;Effusion Hole;Heat/Mass Transfer;Naphthalene Sublimation Method;
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원형가이드 설치에 따른 충돌제트/유출냉각에서 열/물질전달 특성,홍성국;조형희;

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