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A Study of the Combustion Characteristics Using a 2-valve Sl Optically Acessible Engine with SCV
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 Title & Authors
A Study of the Combustion Characteristics Using a 2-valve Sl Optically Acessible Engine with SCV
Jeong, Gu-Seop; Jeon, Chung-Hwan; Jang, Yeong-Jun;
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This study describes the combustion characteristics under various condition of air excess ratio and ignition timing in a 2-valve SI optically accessible engine with swirl control valve(SCV). It adapted three different types of SCV(open ratio 72.5%, 78%, 59%) to strengthen a swirl flow. Pressure data were acquired using pressure sensor to investigate the effect of swirl flow on combustion, and from these pressure data, IMEP(indicated mean effective pressure) and MFB(mass fraction burnt) were calculated to explain burn rate and flame speed. From acquired flame images, we inspected the flame propagation direction, flame area, and flame centroid. Flame propagation direction showed different tendency between with/without SCV, and flame area with SCV was faster and larger than that of conventional engine. Finally, the representative flame images at each crank angle were acquired by PDF method to verify flame growth process. It is found that strengthened swirl flow is more beneficial for faster and stable combustion.
Combustion;Swirl Control Valve;Optically Accessible Engine;Air Excess Ratio;Flame Propagation;
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