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Field Performance Test and Prediction of Power Consumption of a Centrifugal Chiller
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Field Performance Test and Prediction of Power Consumption of a Centrifugal Chiller
Jang, Yeong-Su; Sin, Yeong-Gi; Kim, Yeong-Il; Baek, Yeong-Jin;
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This paper presents an overview of testing and analyzing field performance of a centrifugal chiller which has a rated capacity of 200 RT(703 kW). Field data of a chiller installed in the cleanroom research building of KIST has been collected far performance analysis. The operating data included start-up, shut-down, and quasi-static state where cooling capacity and compressor power consumption varied cyclically. It was found that the steady-state thermodynamic model could be applied to relate the cooling capacity and COP under quasi-static conditions. The results led to finding the required cooling load pattern and a possible energy saving method. This study provides a method of evaluating performance of a large capacity centrifugal chiller in which field test is necessary.
Centrifugal Chiller;Field Performance;Quasi-Static Operation;COP;Power Consumption;Part-Load;
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현장에서 운전중인 터보냉동기의 냉수와 냉각수 조건 변화에 따른 성능 해석,김영일;장영수;신영기;백영진;

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