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Effect of Cylinder Aspect Ratio on Wake Structure Behind a Finite Circular Cylinder Located in an Atmospheric Boundary Layer
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Effect of Cylinder Aspect Ratio on Wake Structure Behind a Finite Circular Cylinder Located in an Atmospheric Boundary Layer
Park, Cheol-U; Lee, Sang-Jun;
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The flow around free end of a finite circular cylinder (FC) embedded in an atmospheric boundary layer has been investigated experimentally. The experiments were carried out in a closed-return type subsonic wind tunnel with varying aspect ratio of the finite cylinder mounted vertically on a flat plate. The wakes behind a 2-D cylinder and a finite cylinder located in a uniform flow were measured for comparison. Reynolds number based on the cylinder diameter was about Re=20,000. A hot-wire anemometer was employed to measure the wake velocity and the mean pressure distributions on the cylinder surface were also measured. The flow past the FC free end shows a complicated three-dimensional wake structure and flow phenomenon is quite different from that of 2-D cylinder. The three-dimensional flow structure was attributed to the downwashing counter rotating vortices separated from the FC free end. As the FC aspect ratio decreases, the vortex shedding frequency decreases and the vortex formation length increases compared to that of 2-D cylinder. Due to the descending counter-rotating twin-vortex, near the FC free end, regular vortex shedding from the cylinder is suppressed and the vortex formation region is hardly distinguished. Around the center of the wake, the mean velocity for the FC located in atmospheric boundary layer has large velocity deficit compared to that of uniform flow.
Finite Cylinder;Free End;Aspect Ratio;Atmospheric Boundary Layer;
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대기경계층 내에 놓인 실린더의 자유단 형상변화가 후류유동에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구,박철우;이상준;

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