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Forced Convective Boiling of Pure Refrigerants in a Bundle of Enhanced Tubes
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 Title & Authors
Forced Convective Boiling of Pure Refrigerants in a Bundle of Enhanced Tubes
Kim, Nae-Hyeon; Jeong, Ho-Jong; Jo, Jin-Pyo; Choe, Guk-Gwang;
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In this study, convective boiling tests were conducted for enhanced tube bundles. The surface geometry consists of pores and connecting gaps. Tubes with three different pore sizes (d = 0.20, 0.23 and 0.27 mm) were tested using R-123 and R-l34a for the following range: 8 kg/ms G 26 kg/ms, 10 kW/m q0 40 kW/mand 0.1 0.9. The convective boiling heat transfer coefficients were strongly dependent on heat flux with negligible dependency on mass flux or quality. For the present enhanced geometry (pores and gaps), the convective effect was apparent. The gaps of the present tubes may have served routes for the passage of two-phase mixtures, and enhanced the boiling heat transfer. The convective effect was more pronounced at a higher saturation temperature. More bubbles will be generated at a higher saturation temperature, which will lead to enhanced convective contribution. The pore size where the maximum heat transfer coefficient was obtained was larger for R-l34a (d = 0.27 mm) compared with that for R-123 (d = 0.23 mm). This trend was consistent with the previous pool boiling results. For the enhanced tube bundles, the convective effect was more pronounced for R-134a than for R-123. This trend was reversed for the smooth tube bundle. Possible reasoning is provided based on the bubble behavior on the tube wall. Both the modified Chen and the asymptotic model predicted the present data reasonably well. The RMSEs were 14.3% for the modified Chen model and 12.7% for the asymptotic model.model.
Structured Enhanced Tube;Pore;Gap;Forced Convective Boiling;Bundle;R-123;R-l34a;
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