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The Effect of a Bubble in B nard Convection at Low Rayleigh Number
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 Title & Authors
The Effect of a Bubble in B nard Convection at Low Rayleigh Number
Eom, Yong-Gyun; Gwon, Gi-Han;
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n a enclosed square cavity occurred B nard convection, the flow phenomena in the surrounding of the bubble attached at the upper cooled solid wall were studied by using a thermo-sensitive liquid-crystal tracer and image processing techniques. This method offers the advantage of measuring the entire flow field in a selected plane within the fluid at a given instant of time in contrast to point by point method like T/C. Quantitative data of the temperature were obtained by applying a colour-image-processing to the visualized image. As the flowing in a bubble, In a bubble size appears the flow phenomena which the direction of flow is reversed in the entire temperature and flow field. The observed phenomena are described with regard to the thermocapillary convection.
Thermocapillary Flow;Therms-Sensitive Liquid-Crystal;Image Processing;
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