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Steam Explosion Experiments using ZrO
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 Title & Authors
Steam Explosion Experiments using ZrO
Song, Jin-Ho; Kim, Hui-Dong; Hong, Seong-Wan; Park, Ik-Gyu; Sin, Yong-Seung; Min, Byeong-Tae; Kim, Jong-Hwan; Jang, Yeong-Jo;
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Korea Atomic Energy Research Institute (KAERI) launched an intermediate scale steam explosion experiment named "Test for Real Corium Interaction with water (TROI)" using reactor material to investigate whether the molten reactor material would lead to energetic steam explosion when interacted wish cold water at low pressure. The melt-water interaction experiment is performed in a pressure vessel with the multi-dimensional fuel and water pool geometry. The novel concept of cold crucible technology, where powder of the reactor material in a water-cooled cafe is heated by high frequency induction, is firstly implemented for the generation of molten fuel. In this paper, the lest facility and cold crucible technology are introduced and the results or the first series of tests were discussed. The 5 kg of molten ZrOjet was poured into the 67cm deep water pool at 30 ∼ 95 . Either spontaneous steam explosions or quenching was observed. The morphology of debris and pressure wave profiles clearly indicate the differences between the two cases.
Steam Explosion;Cold Crucible;Cerium;
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CHINO, IR-A Series Two-Color Radiation Thermometer IR-AQ, No. INE-208