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A Study on the Pressure Resonance with Combustion Chamber Geometry for a Spark Ignition Engine
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A Study on the Pressure Resonance with Combustion Chamber Geometry for a Spark Ignition Engine
Park, Gyeong-Seok; Jang, Seok-Hyeong;
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Pressure resonance frequency that is caused in the combustion chamber can be interpreted by acoustic analysis. Until now the pressure resonance has been assumed and calculated to a disc type combustion chamber that neglected the combustion chamber height because the knock occurs near the TDC(top dead center). In this research FEM(finite element method) has been used to calculate the pressure resonance frequency inside the experimental engine combustion. The error of the resonance frequency obtained by FEM has decreased about 50% compared to the calculation of Draper's equation. Due to the asymmetry in the shape of the combustion chamber that was neglected in Draper's equation we could find out that a new resonance frequency could be generated. To match the experimental results, the speed of sound that satisfies Draper's equation is selected 13% higher than the value for pent-roof type combustion chamber.
Knock;Pressure Resonance;Draper′s Equation;Combustion Chamber;
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프로판 연료의 공급조건에 따른 정적연소실내 연소 특성에 관한 연구,박경석;

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