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A Numerical Study on Radiation-Induced Oscillatory Instability in CH/Air Diffusion Flames
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A Numerical Study on Radiation-Induced Oscillatory Instability in CH/Air Diffusion Flames
Son, Chae-Hun; Jeong, Seok-Ho;
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Radiation-induced oscillatory instability in CH/Air diffusion flames is numerically investigated by adopting detailed chemistry. Counterflow diffusion flame is employed as a model flamelet and optically thin gas-phase radiation is assumed. Attention is focused on the extinction regime induced by radiative heat loss, which occurs at low strain rate. Once a steady flame structure is obtained for a prescribed value of initial strain rate, transient solution of the flame is calculated after a finite amount of strain-rate perturbation is imposed on the steady flame. Depending on the initial strain rate and the amount of perturbed strain rate, transient evolution of the flame exhibits various types of flame-evolution behaviors. Basically, the dynamic behaviors can be classified into two types, namely oscillatory decaying solution and diverging solution leading to extinction.
CH/Air Diffusion Flames;Oscillatory Instability;Radiative Heat Loss;
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희석된 메탄/산소 대향류 확산화염에서 확산-열 불안정으로 인한 화염의 비선형 동적 거동에 관한 수치해석,손채훈;

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