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Condensing Heat Transfer Characteristics of R-22 and R-134a in Small Diameter Tubes
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 Title & Authors
Condensing Heat Transfer Characteristics of R-22 and R-134a in Small Diameter Tubes
Hong, Jin-U; No, Geon-Sang; Jeong, Jae-Cheon; O, Hu-Gyu;
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Condensing heat transfer coefficients of R-22 and R-134a were measured in smooth, horizontal copper tubes with inner diameters of 1.77mm, 3.36mm, and 5.35mm, respectively. The experiments were conducted in the closed loop, which was driven by a magnetic gear pump. Data are presented for the following range of variables : mass velocity from 200 to 500kg/.s and quality from 0 to 1.0. The heat transfer coefficients in the small diameter tubes (ID < 7mm) were observed to be strongly affected by various diameters and the heat transfer characteristics in the small diameter tubes differed from those in the large diameter tubes. Heat transfer coefficients in the small diameter tubes are higher than those in the large diameter tubes at the same experimental condition. It was found that some well-known previous correlations(Shahs correlation and Cavallini-Zecchins correlation) were not suitable for small diameter tubes.
Condensing Heat Transfer Coefficient;Small Diameter Tube;Heat Pump;R-22;R-134a;
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