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The Condensation Heat Transfer of Alternative Refrigerants for R-22 in Small Diameter Tubes
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The Condensation Heat Transfer of Alternative Refrigerants for R-22 in Small Diameter Tubes
Son, Chang-Hyo; Jeong, Jin-Ho; O, Jong-Taek; O, Hu-Gyu;
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The condensation heat transfer coefficients of pure refrigerants R-22, R-134a, and a binary refrigerant mixture R-410A flowing in a small diameter tube were investigated. The experiment apparatus consists of a refrigerant loop and a water loop. The main components of the refrigerant loop consist of a variable-speed pump, a mass flowmeter, an evaporator, and a condenser(test section). The water loop consists of a variable-speed pump, an isothermal tank, and a flowmeter. The condenser is a counterflow heat exchanger with refrigerant flowing in the inner tube and water flowing in the annulus. The test section consists of smooth, horizontal copper tube of 3.38mm outer diameter and 1.77mm inner diameter. The length of test section is 1220mm. The refrigerant mass fluxes varied from 450 to 1050kg/(㎡s) and the average inlet and outlet qualities were 0.05 and 0.95, respectively. The main results were summarized as follows ; in the case of single-phase flow, the heat transfer coefficients increase with increasing mass flux. The heat transfer coefficient of R-410A was higher than that of R-22 and R-134a, and the heat transfer for small diameter tubes were about 20% to 27% higher than those predicted by Gnielinski. In the case of two-phase flow, the heat transfer coefficients also increase with increasing mass flux and quality. The condensation heat transfer coefficient of R-410A was slightly higher than that of R-22 and R-134a. Most of correlations proposed in the large diameter tube showed significant deviations with experimental data except for the ranges of low quality and low mass flux.
Small Diameter Condenser;Condenser Design;Condensation Heat Transfer Coefficient;Heat Pump;
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세관내 R-22 대체냉매의 응축압력강항에 관한 연구,오후규;손창효;최영석;김기수;

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