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Experimental Study for Development of Air Eject Defrost Equipment
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 Title & Authors
Experimental Study for Development of Air Eject Defrost Equipment
Han, In-Geun; Kim, Chang-Yeong; Kim, Jae-Dol; Yun, Jeong-In;
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One of the problems in a refrigerator operation is the frost formation on a cold surface of the evaporator. The frost layer is formed by the sublimation of water vapor when the surface temperature is below the freezing point. This frost layer is usually porous and formed on the cold surface of the evaporator. The frost layer on the surface of a evaporator will make side effect such as thermal resistance. However, these important factors have not been used in determining the defrosting period. Therefore, the proper defrosting operation period based on the new defrosting method is very important, and make a comparison between conventional method like electric defrost and new method in compression work, evaporation pressure, evaporation temperature.
Refrigerator;Evaporator;Nozzle;Air Eject;Cold Storage;Unit Cooler;
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