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Analysis of the Coupled Turbulent Flow and Macroscopic Solidification in Twin-Roll Continuous Casting Process
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 Title & Authors
Analysis of the Coupled Turbulent Flow and Macroscopic Solidification in Twin-Roll Continuous Casting Process
Kim, Deok-Su; Kim, U-Seung; Jo, Gi-Hyeon;
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The transport phenomena in a wedge-shaped pool of twin-roll continuous caster are affected by the various operating parameters such as the melt-feed pattern, roll-gap thickness, melt-superheat, and casting speed. A computer program has been developed for analyzing the two-dimensional, steady conservation equations for transport phenomena during twin-roll continuous casting process in order to estimate the turbulent melt-flow, temperature fields, and solidification in the wedge-shaped pool. The turbulent characteristics of the melt-flow were considered using a low-Reynolds-number K- turbulence model. Based on the computer program, the effects of the different melt-feed patterns, roll-gap thicknesses, and superheats of melt on the variations of the velocity and temperature distributions, and the mushy solidification were examined. The results show that the liquidus line is located considerably at the upstream region, and in the lower region appear the well-mixed melt-flow and most widely developed mushy zone. Besides, the variation of melt-flow due to varying melt-feed patterns, affects mainly the liquidus line, and scarcely has effects on the solidus line in the outlet region.
Twin-Roll Continuous Casting;Melt-Feed Pattern;Wedge-Shaped Pool;Turbulent Flow;Solidification;
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