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A Numerical Study on Shock Wave Turbulent Boundary Layer Interactions in High-Speed Flows
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 Title & Authors
A Numerical Study on Shock Wave Turbulent Boundary Layer Interactions in High-Speed Flows
Mun, Su-Yeon; Son, Chang-Hyeon; Lee, Chung-Won;
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A study of the shock wave turbulent boundary layer interaction is presented. The focus of the study is the interactions of the shock waves with the turbulent boundary layer on the falt plate. Three examples are investigated. The computations are performed, using mixed explicit-implicit generalized Galerkin finite element method. The linear equations at each time step are solved by a preconditioned GMRES algorithm. Numerical results indicate that the implicit scheme converges to the asymptotic steady state much faster than the explicit counterpart. The computed surface pressures and skin friction coefficients display good agreement with experimental data. The flowfield manifests a complex shock wave system and a pair of counter-rotating vortices.
Finite Element Method;Shock Wave;Boundary Layer Interactions;Mixed Explicit-Implicit Galerkin Method;GMRES;Generalized Minimal RESidual;
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유동변수 파라미터에 의한 혼합 내-외재적 열-유동장 수치해석 방법 연구,문수연;송창현;이충원;

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