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Numerical Simulation of Bubble Motion During Nucleate Boiling
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Numerical Simulation of Bubble Motion During Nucleate Boiling
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Direct numerical simulation of bubble growth and merger process on a single nucleation site during partial nucleate boiling is performed. The equations governing conservation of mass, momentum and energy are solved using a finite difference method combined with a level set method for capturing the vapor-liquid interface. The level set method is modified to include the effects of phase change at the interface and contact angle at the wall. Also, a simplified formulation for predicting the evaporative heat flux in a thin liquid micro-layer is developed and incorporated into the level set formulation. Based on the numerical results, the bubble growth and merger pattern and its effect on the heat transfer are discussed.
Bubble Motion;Nucleate Boiling;Liquid Micro-layer;Level Set Method;
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미세관에서의 기포성장에 관한 수치적 연구,서기철;손기헌;

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미세노즐을 통한 액적형성에 관한 수치적 연구,김성일;손기헌;

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