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Transient Heat Transfer in Porous Media under Oscillating Flow Condition
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Transient Heat Transfer in Porous Media under Oscillating Flow Condition
Byeon, Su-Yeong; Lee, Dae-Yeong; No, Seung-Tak;
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An analytical characterization is presented on the transient heat transfer by an oscillating flow through a porous slab. Based on a two-equation model, analytic solutions are obtained for both the fluid and solid temperature variations. Two parameters are identified as the Stanton number for the internal heat exchange and the ratio of the thermal capacities between the solid and fluid phases. The heat transfer characteristics are shown to be classified into four regimes according to the two parameters and physical interpretation is presented on the particular heat transfer processes within each regime. In addition, the condition for the local thermal equilibrium between the phases is examined and the relevant criterion is suggested.
Porous Media;Oscillating Flow;Transient Heat Transfer;Local Thermal Equilibrium;Two-Equation Model;Regenerator;
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