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Experimental Study on Electrical Agglomeration of Liquid Particles in an Alternating Electric Field
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 Title & Authors
Experimental Study on Electrical Agglomeration of Liquid Particles in an Alternating Electric Field
Ji, Jun-Ho; Hwang, Jung-Ho; Bae, Gwi-Nam; Kim, Yong-Gin;
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Experiments were carried out on agglomeration of bipolarly charged particles in an alternating current electric field. Laboratory-scale setup was built and experiments were conducted at atmospheric condition. DOS(Di-octyl Sebacate) particles with 100% purity were generated by an atomizer. The particles were branched into two, each of which passed through a wire-to-plate type charging section where a positive or a negative DC high voltage was applied and was charged positively or negatively. These bipolarly charged particles together passed through an agglomeration section where an 20kV AC power was applied between two plates. The resident time in the agglomeration section was adjusted as l sec. Particle sampling was made by a cascade impactor (MOUDI). The effect of agglomeration system on the reduction ratio of particles below l ㎛ was 42∼45%. Effect of AC frequency on the particle size distribution was found insignificant.
AC Electric Field;Bipolar Charged Particle;Agglomeration;Liquid Particle;Particle Size Distribution;
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