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Reduction of Soot Emitted from a Normal Diffusion Flame with Application of DC Corona Discharge
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Reduction of Soot Emitted from a Normal Diffusion Flame with Application of DC Corona Discharge
Lee, Jae-Bok; Hwang, Jeong-Ho;
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The effect of corona discharge on soot emission was experimentally investigated. Size and number concentrations of soot aggregates were measured and compared for various voltages. Regardless of the polarity of the applied voltage, the flame length decreased and the tip of flame spreaded with increasing voltage. For the experimental conditions selected, the flame was blown off toward the ground electrode by corona ionic wind. When the negative applied voltage was greater than 3kV(for electrode spacing = 3.5cm), soot particles in inception or growth region were affected by the corona discharge, resulting in the reduction of number concentration. The results show that the ionic wind favored soot oxidation and increased flame temperature. Number concentration and primary particle size greatly increased, when the corona electrodes were located the region of soot nucleation or growth(close to burner mouth).
Soot Particle;Corona Discharge;Ionic Wind;
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핀-핀 형 또는 판-판 형 전극에 인가된 AC 전기장이 에틸렌 정상 확산 화염 Soot 입자 배출에 미치는 영향,이재복;황정호;

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