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Performance Characteristics of a V-type Probe Developed for Wall Vorticity Measurement
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Performance Characteristics of a V-type Probe Developed for Wall Vorticity Measurement
Kim, Seong-Uk; Ryu, Sang-Jin; Yu, Jeong-Yeol;
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In order to investigate the relation between wall vorticity and streamwise velocity fluctuations in a turbulent boundary layer, a wall vorticity probe has been developed, which consists of two hot-wires on the wall aligned in V configuration. Although the measured intensity of spanwise wall vorticity fluctuations is somewhat lower than previous results, the intensity of streamwise wall vorticity fluctuations is in good agreement with them. It has been shown that the measured intensity of spanwise wall vorticity fluctuations is affected by transverse length of the wall vorticity probe. Instantaneous streamwise and spanwise wall vorticity fluctuations are compared with the results of DNS. Probability density function of spanwise wall vorticity fluctuations shows good agreement with previous results and is different from that of streamwise wall vorticity fluctuations. Energy spectrum of streamwisw wall vorticity fluctuations is lower than that of spanwise wall vorticity fluctuations in low frequency region.
Wall Vorticity Fluctuation;Hot-Wire on the Wall;V-Type Wall Vorticity Probe;
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난류경계층에서 벽와도와 유동방향 속도섭동과의 상관관계,류상진;김성욱;유정열;

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