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Correlation of Wall Vorticity and Streamwise Velocity Fluctuations in a Turbulent Boundary Layer
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 Title & Authors
Correlation of Wall Vorticity and Streamwise Velocity Fluctuations in a Turbulent Boundary Layer
Ryu, Sang-Jin; Kim, Seong-Uk; Yu, Jeong-Yeol;
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A simultaneous measurement of wall vorticity and near-wall streamwise velocity fluctuations has been performed using a V-type wall vorticity probe and an I-type velocity probe to investigate the relation between them. Long-time averaged space-time correlations show that the wall vorticity is highly correlated with a turbulence structure which is tilted from the wall in the streamwise direction and that there is a streamwise vortex pair near the wall. It is shown that a structure correlated with the streamwise wall vorticity is smaller than and prior to a structure correlated with the spanwise wall vorticity. Tilting angles are obtained from the phase shift between the wall vorticity and streamwise velocity fluctuations. The tilting angle of the structure correlated with the streamwise wall vorticity is larger than that of the structure correlated with the spanwise wall vorticity. The convection velocity of the near-wall streamwise velocity fluctuations obtained from the space-time correlation is in good agreement with previous results.
Near-Wall Turbulence;Wall Vorticity Fluctuation;Streamwise Velocity Fluctuation;Space-Time Correlation;Tilting Angle;Convection Velocity;
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