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A Study on the Prediction of Self-absorption in Opposed Flames Using WSGGM-Based Spectral Model
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 Title & Authors
A Study on the Prediction of Self-absorption in Opposed Flames Using WSGGM-Based Spectral Model
Kim, Uk-Jung; Viskanta, Raymond; Gore, Jay Prabhakar; Zhu, Xuelei;
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WSGGM based low-resolution spectral model for calculating radiation transfer in combustion gases is applied to estimate self-absorption of radiation energy in one-dimensional opposed flow flames. Development of such a model is necessary in order to enable detailed chemistry-radiation interaction calculations including self-absorption. Database of band model parameters which can be applied to various one-dimensional opposed flow diffusion and partially premixed flames is created. For the validation of the model and database, low resolution spectral intensities at fuel exit side are calculated and compared with the results of a narrow band model with those based on the Curtis-Godson approximation. Good agreements have been found between them. The resulting radiation model is coupled to the OPPDIF code to calculate the self-absorption of radiant energy and compared with the results of an optically thin calculation and the results of a discrete ordinates method in conjunction with the statistical narrow band model. Significant self-absorption of radiation is found for the flames considered here particularly for the fuel side of the reacting zone. However, the self-absorption does not have significant effects on the flame structure in this case. Even in the case of the low velocity diffusion flame and the partially premixed flame of low equivalence ratio, the effects of self-absorption of radiation on the flame temperature and production of minor species are not significant.
Radiation;Absorption Coefficient;WSGGM;Self-absorption;Flame Structure;
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