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A Study of Natural Convection Heat Transfer in a Composed Rectangular-Parallelogrammic Enclosure with a Guide Vane
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 Title & Authors
A Study of Natural Convection Heat Transfer in a Composed Rectangular-Parallelogrammic Enclosure with a Guide Vane
Jang, Yeong-Geun; Jo, Un;
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The present experimental and numerical study investigate flow and natural convection heat transfer characteristics of a composed rectangular-parallelogrammic enclosure with a guide vane. The governing equations for the two-dimensional, laminar, natural convection process in an enclosure are discretized by the control volume approach which insures the conservative characteristics to be satisfied in the calculation domain, and solved by a modified SIMPLE algorithm. The momentum and energy equations are coupled through the buoyancy term. In this results of experimental study, the natural convection heat transfer characteristics was well coincided with conclusions of other earlier experimental researches and numerical analysis.
Guide Vane;Composed Rectangular-Parallelogrammic Enclosure;Inclination Angle;
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