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Vaporizing Characteristics of Spray from Two Different GDI Injectors
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 Title & Authors
Vaporizing Characteristics of Spray from Two Different GDI Injectors
Choe, Dong-Seok; Kim, Deok-Jul;
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Vaporizing characteristics of two GDI injectors with different spray angles were investigated using exciplex fluorescence method. Injector I has narrower spray angle, while injector II has wider one. The exciplex system of fluorobenzene and DEMA in a non-fluorescing base fuel of hexane was employed. In quantifying concentration of fuel vapor, quenching of concentration and temperature was corrected. Droplet size and velocity were also measured by PDPA under non-vaporizing condition. From obtaining the images of liquid and vapor phases, vaporizing GDI sprays could be divided as two regions: cone and mixing regions. For injector I, vortex region was not developed. High concentration of fuel vapor due to vaporization of many fine droplets was distributed near the spray axis. For injector II, droplets with the diameter of about 10 m were distributed in the vortex region. The vortex region had high concentration of fuel vapor due to vaporization of these droplets. Particularly, higher and lower concentrations of fuel vapor were balanced at 2ms after the start of injection for injector II.
GDI;Exciplex Fluorescence Method;Fluorescence Intensity;Quenching;Hollow Cone Spray;
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