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Flow Structure of Conical Vortices Generated on the Roof of a Rectangular Prism
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Flow Structure of Conical Vortices Generated on the Roof of a Rectangular Prism
Kim, Gyeong-Cheon; Ji, Ho-Seong; Seong, Seung-Hak;
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Characteristics of the conical vortices on the roof corner of a rectangular prism have been investigated by using a PIV(Particle Image Velocimetry) technique. The Reynolds number based on the free stream velocity and the height of the model was 5.310. The mean, instantaneous velocity vector fields, vorticity fields, and turbulent kinetic energy distribution were measured for two different angles of attack, 30and 45. The PIV measurements clearly observed not only the conical main vortex and the secondary vortex but also the tertiary vortex which is firstly reported in this paper. Asymmetric formation of the corner vortex for the case of 30angle of attack produces relatively the high magnitude of vorticity and turbulent kinetic energy around the bigger vortex which generates the peak suction pressure on the roof. Fairly symmetric features of the roof vortex are observed in the case of 45angle of attack, however, the dynamic characteristics are proved to be asymmetric due to the rectangular shape of the roof.
PIV;Particle Image Velocimetry;Rectangular Prism;Conical Vortices;Wind Tunnel Measurement;Instantaneous and Ensemble Averaged Velocity Fields;Vorticity and Turbulent Kinetic Energy Fields;
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