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Control of Impinging Jet Heat Transfer Using Mesh Screens
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Control of Impinging Jet Heat Transfer Using Mesh Screens
Jo, Jeong-Won; Lee, Sang-Jun;
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The local heat transfer of an axisymmetric submerged air jet impinging on a heated flat plate is investigated experimentally with the variation of mesh-screen solidity. The screen installed in front of the nozzle exit modifies the flow structure and local heat transfer characteristics. The mean velocity and turbulence intensity profiles of streamwise velocity component are measured using a hot-wire anemometry. The temperature distribution on the heated flat surface is measured with thermocouples. The smoke-wire flow visualization technique was employed to understand the near-field flow structure qualitatively for different mesh screens. Large-scale toroidal vortices and high turbulence intensity enhance the heat transfer rate in the stagnation region. For a higher solidity, turbulence intensity become higher which increases the local heat transfer at small nozzle-to-plate spacings such as L/D<6. The local and average Nusselt numbers of impinging jet from the (sub)s=0.83 screen at L/D=2 are about 5.6∼7.5% and 7.1% larger than those for the case of no screen, respectively. For the nozzle-to-plate spacings larger than 6, however, the turbulence intensities for all tested screens approach to an asymptotic curve and the mean velocity along the jet centerline decreases monotonically. As the nozzle-to-plat spacing increases for high solidity screens, the heat transfer rate decreases due to the reduction in turbulence intensity and jet momentum.
Impinging Jet;Heat Transfer Control;Solidity Ratio;Turbulence Intensity;
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삼각형 멀티 탭을 이용한 충돌제트 열전달 향상 연구,이정욱;이상준;

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