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Numerical Study on the Similarity between the Fully Developed Turbulent Flow in an Orthogonally Rotating Square Duct and that in a Stationary Curved Square Duct
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Numerical Study on the Similarity between the Fully Developed Turbulent Flow in an Orthogonally Rotating Square Duct and that in a Stationary Curved Square Duct
Lee, Gong-Hui; Baek, Je-Hyeon;
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A numerical study on the quantitative analogy between the fully developed turbulent flow in a straight square duct rotating about an axis perpendicular to that of the duct and that in a stationary curved duct of square cross-section is carried out. In order to clarify the similarity of the two flows, dimensionless parameters K(sub)TR=Re(sup)1/4/√Ro and Rossby number, Ro, in a rotating straight duct flow were used as a set corresponding to K(sub)TC=Re(sup)1/4/√λ and curvature ratio, λ, in a stationary curved duct flow so that they have the same dynamical meaning as those of the fully developed laminar flows. For the large values of Ro or λ, it is shown that the flow field satisfies the asymptotic invariance property, that is, there are strong quantitative similarities between the two flows such as flow patterns and friction factors for the same values of K(sub)TR and K(sub)TC.
Duct Flow;Coriolis Force;Centrifugal Force;Secondary Flow;Fully-Developed Turbulent Flow;Low Reynolds Number k- Turbulence Model;
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회전하는 정사각 단면 U자형 곡관 내부의 유동 발달에 관한 수치적 연구(II) -난류 유동-,이공희;백제현;

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