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Average Droplet Size Distribution of a GDI Spray by Simultaneous Fluorescence/Scattering Image Technique
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 Title & Authors
Average Droplet Size Distribution of a GDI Spray by Simultaneous Fluorescence/Scattering Image Technique
Gwak, Su-Min; Ryu, Gyeong-Hun; Choe, Dong-Seok; Kim, Deok-Jul;
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The objective of this study is to investigate the average droplet size distributions of a GDI spray by simultaneous fluorescence/scattering image technique. GDI engine is recently very popular because of high engine efficiency and low emissions. However, the injectors must have good spray characteristics because the fuel is directly injected into the cylinder. The fuel mixtures used in this study were 2% of fluorobenzene, 9% of DEMA(diethyl-methyl-amine) and 89% of hexane by volume. The system for obtaining 2-D fluorescence/scattering images of fuel spray was constituted of a laser sheet, a doubling prism, optical filters, and an ICCD camera. Using the ratio of the fluorescence to the scattering intensities, SMD distributions were obtained. SMD measured by the technique was compared with that obtained by PDA. It was found that average droplet size was bigger at spray center in the early stage of injection and at the outer periphery of the spray in the late stage of injection.
GDI Engine;Hollow Cone Spray;Exciplex;Swirl Injector;Mie Scattering;SMD;
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혼합모델에 의한 GDI 분무예측의 비교,강동완;황순철;김덕줄;

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