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Generation of uniform Fine Droplets Under Spindle Mode in Electrohydrodynamic Atomization
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Generation of uniform Fine Droplets Under Spindle Mode in Electrohydrodynamic Atomization
Lee, Sang-Yong; Kim, Myeong-Chan; Kim, Sang-Su; Kim, Yu-Dong;
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A series of experiments were conducted to generate fine liquid(water) drops through the electrohydrodynamic atomization process. The atomization mode depended on flow rate and DC voltage input. For water, having electric conductivity larger than 10(sup)-7S/m, the spindle mode turned out to be the only mode to generate uniform-size drops within the range of 30-450 microns that have wide applications. Within this mode, both the uniformity and the fineness of drops were improved at an optimum voltage input for a given flow rate. This optimum voltage increased with increasing of the liquid flow rate. Another important parameter considered was the nozzle material with different electric conductivity and liquid wettability. A stainless-steel nozzle (the material with high electric conductivity and high liquid wettability) and a silica nozzle (the electrically non-conducting material with low liquid wettability) were tested and compared; and more uniform drops could be obtained with the silica nozzle.
Uniform Droplets;Electrohydrodynamic Spray;Spindle Mode;Discharge Current;Charge-to-Mass Ratio;
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전기수력학적 분무에서 노즐재질이 입경분포에 미치는 영향,김명찬;이상용;

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