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Influence of Wavy Surface on the Turbulence in the Outer Layer
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 Title & Authors
Influence of Wavy Surface on the Turbulence in the Outer Layer
Na, Yang;
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Results from direct numerical simulation and LDV measurements are analyzed to investigate the influence of structured surface on turbulence in the outer layer. To provide a well-defined surface roughness, sinusoidal wavy surface was used. Even though flows over smooth and wavy surface show very different process for maintaining turbulence in the vicinity of the wall, there are some evidences that the turbulence in the outer layer has a universal characteristics and it may be possible to give a speculative interpretation that similarity of turbulent structures arises because Reynolds stress producing motion is similar regardless of different turbulence generation mechanisms embedded in both cases.
Wavy Surface;Outer Layer;Direct Numerical Simulation;Laser Doppler Velocimetry;
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