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Numerical Simulation of Unsteady CH/Air Jet Diffusion Flame
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Numerical Simulation of Unsteady CH/Air Jet Diffusion Flame
Lee, Chang-Eon; O, Chang-Bo;
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The dynamic structures of unsteady CH/Air jet diffusion flame with a flame-vortex interaction were numerically investigated. A timed-dependent, axisymmetric computational model and a low mach number approximation were employed in the present calculation. A two-step global reaction mechanism which considers 6 species, was used to calculate the reaction rates. The predicted results including the gravitational effect show that the large outer vortices and the small inner vortices can be well simulated without any additional disturbances near nozzle tip. It was found that the temperature and species concentrations have deviated values even for the same mixture fraction in the flame-vortex interaction region. It was also shown that the flame surface is not deformed by the inner vortex in upstream region, while in downstream region, the flame surface is compressed or stretched by the outer vortex roll-up. The present unsteady jet flame configuration accompanying a flame-vortex interaction is expected to give good implications for the unsteady structures of turbulent flames.
Unsteady Jet;Flame-Vortex Interaction;Reacting Flow;Predictor-Corrector Scheme;
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비정상 소화 과정에서의 화염 온도 및 OH 라디칼의 변화,이은도;이기호;오광철;신현동;

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