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Effect of Pressure Gradients on the Hairpin Structures in Turbulent Boundary Layers
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Effect of Pressure Gradients on the Hairpin Structures in Turbulent Boundary Layers
Kim, Gyeong-Cheon; Yun, Hong;
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The effect of pressure gradients on the hairpin structures in three different turbulent boundary layers (ZPG : Re(sub)=910, FPG : Re(sub)=575, APG : Re(sub)=1290) has been examined with instantaneous velocity fields obtained in streamwise-wall-normal planes using PIV (particle image velocimetry) method. In the outer layer hairpin vortices occur in streamwise-aligned packets that propagate with small velocity dispersion. The signature pattern of the hairpin consists of a spanwise vortex core located above a region of strong second quadrant fluctuation (u<0 and v>0 : Q2 event) is clearly observed. The formation of packets explains the occurrence of multiple VITA events in turbulent burst. Noticeable differences are found in the average inclination angles of hairpin vortex packets which are 45, 35.7, and 51.9in the case of ZPG, FPG and APG, respectively. It is found that the large, time-varying, irregularly shaped zones with nearly constant streamwise momentum exist throughout the boundary layer. Within the interior of the envelope the spatial coherence between the velocity fields induced by the individual vortices leads to strongly retarded streamwise momentum, explaining the zones of uniform momentum. The formation of the uniform momentum zone is remarkably different with respect to the pressure gradients especially in the logarithmic layer.
Turbulent Boundary Layer;Hairpin Vortex Structure;Particle Image Velocimetry;Pressure Gradients Effect;Uniform Momentum Zone;
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장애물 주위의 와구조 형성과정에 관한 수치적 연구,황종연;양경수;

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