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An Experimental Study on Flow Boiling Heat Transfer within Horizontal Rectangular Channels with Small Heights
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An Experimental Study on Flow Boiling Heat Transfer within Horizontal Rectangular Channels with Small Heights
Lee, Sang-Yong; Lee, Han-Ju;
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The present paper proposes a new correlation for the flow boiling heat transfer coefficients in the low flow rate condition (Re(sub)LF200) within horizontal rectangular channels with small gaps (heights). The gap between the upper and the lower plates of each channel ranges from 0.4 to 2mm while the channel width being fixed to 20mm. Refrigerant 113 was used as the test fluid. The mass flux ranges from 50 to 200kg/㎡s and the channel walls were uniformly heated with the heat flux range of 3-15kW/㎡. The quality range covers from 0.19 to 0.76 and the flow pattern is considered to be annular. The measured heat transfer coefficients increase with the mass flux and the local quality; however the effect of the heat flux appears to be minor. At the low mass flux condition, which is more likely with the smaller gap size, the heat transfer is primarily controlled by the liquid film thickness. The proposed F factor for the heat transfer coefficient in the range of Re(sub)LF200 well represents the experimental data within the deviation of 20%. The Kandlikars flow boiling correlation covers the higher flow-rate range(Re(sub)LF>200) within the deviation of 20%.
Two-Phase Flow;Horizontal Rectangular Channel with Small Height;Flow Boiling Heat Transfer;
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전산해석을 이용한 적층형 증발기 성능특성 연구,시종민;한창섭;김재훈;우승길;

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