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Performance Evaluation of PAN Nanofiber Air Filter Fabricated by Electrospinning
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 Title & Authors
Performance Evaluation of PAN Nanofiber Air Filter Fabricated by Electrospinning
Kim, Kyungcheol; Kim, Taeeun; Lee, JungKoo; Ahn, Jiwoong; Park, Sungho; Kim, Hyungman;
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Nanomaterials possess unique mechanical, physical, and chemical properties. They are small, and have an ultrahigh surface area, making them suitable for air filter applications. Electrospinning has been recognized as an efficient technique for fabricating polymer nanofibers. In order to determine the optimum manufacturing conditions, the effects of several electrospinning process parameters on the diameter, orientation, and distribution of polyacrylonitrile (PAN) nanofiber are analyzed. To improve interlaminar fracture toughness and suppress delamination in the form of laminated non-woven fibers by using a heat roller, the performances of filter efficiency and pressure drop achieved with PAN nanofiber air filter are evaluated experimentally.
Nanofiber;Electrospinning;Polyacrylonitrile;Heat Roller;
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망간-철 산화물을 이용한 PVdF 나노섬유복합막의 제조 및 비소 제거 특성 평가,윤재한;장원기;박예지;이정훈;변홍식;

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