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Effects of Fuel Composition and Pressure on Autoignition Delay of Biomass Syngas
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 Title & Authors
Effects of Fuel Composition and Pressure on Autoignition Delay of Biomass Syngas
Shim, Tae Young; Kang, Ki Joong; Lu, Xingcai; Choi, Gyung Min; Kim, Duck Jool;
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The autoignition characteristics of biosyngas were investigated both numerically and experimentally. The effects of the temperature, gas composition, and pressure on the autoignition characteristics were evaluated. A shock tube was employed to measure the ignition delay times of the biosyngas. The numerical study on the ignition delay time was performed using the CHEMKIN-PRO software to validate the experimental results and predict the chemical species in the combustion process. The results revealed that the ignition delay time increased with an increase in the hydrogen fraction in the mixture. Under most temperature conditions, the ignition delay time decreased with a pressure increase. However, the ignition delay time increased with an increase in pressure under relatively low temperature conditions.
Ignition Delay;Biomass Syngas;Homogeneous Charge Compression Ignition;
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