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Data Evaluation Methods for Real Driving Emissions using Portable Emissions Measurement System(PEMS)
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 Title & Authors
Data Evaluation Methods for Real Driving Emissions using Portable Emissions Measurement System(PEMS)
Kwon, Seokjoo; Kwon, Sangil; Lee, Jongtae; Oak, Seonil; Seo, Youngho; Park, Sungwook; Chon, Mun Soo;
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Recently, an emission test procedure using a portable emissions measurement system(PEMS) has received much attention as an effective means of controlling real driving emissions from light-duty diesel vehicles. The PEMS-based test procedure will be implemented from 2017 in Europe and Korea as a complementary test procedure for certification and regulation. In the present study, on-road NOx emissions were measured for four kinds of Euro 5 Korean light-duty diesel vehicles under real driving conditions, including urban, rural, and motorway test routes. The real driving emission characteristics were evaluated using both a moving averaging window(MAW) and the weighted emission method(WEM). The evaluated NOx emission results (under real driving conditions) from the MAW and WEM showed similar tendencies for the test vehicles and routes, while exceeding the certification emission limit by 1.8~8.5 and 2.0~10.6 times, respectively.
Portable Emissions Measurement System(PEMS);Real Driving Emissions(RDE);Moving Averaging Window(MAW);Weighted emissions;
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