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Internal Flow Analysis of Urea-SCR System for Passenger Cars Considering Actual Driving Conditions
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 Title & Authors
Internal Flow Analysis of Urea-SCR System for Passenger Cars Considering Actual Driving Conditions
Moon, Seong Joon; Jo, Nak Won; Oh, Se Doo; Lee, Ho Kil; Park, Kyoung Woo;
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Diesel vehicles should be equipped with urea-selective catalytic reduction(SCR) system as a high-performance catalyst, in order to reduce harmful nitrogen oxide emissions. In this study, a three-dimensional Eulerian-Lagrangian CFD analysis was used to numerically predict the multiphase flow characteristics of the urea-SCR system, coupled with the chemical reactions of the system`s transport phenomena. Then, the numerical spray structure was modified by comparing the results with the measured values from spray visualization, such as the injection velocity, penentration length, spray radius, and sauter mean diameter. In addition, the analysis results were verified by comparison with the removal efficiency of the nitrogen oxide emissions during engine and chassis tests, resulting in accuracy of the relative error of less than 5%. Finally, a verified CFD analysis was used to calculate the interanl flow of the urea-SCR system, thereby analyzing the characteristics of pressure drop and velocity increase, and predicting the uniformity index and overdistribution positions of ammonia.
Diesel Passenger Car;Urea-SCR System;New European Driving Cycle(NEDC);Computational Fluid Dynamics(CFD);Internal Flow Analysis;
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