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Study on the Development of Hybrid NMP Recovery System for Recovering the Used NMP in Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Manufacturing Process
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 Title & Authors
Study on the Development of Hybrid NMP Recovery System for Recovering the Used NMP in Lithium Ion Battery Cathode Manufacturing Process
Hwang, Soon Ho; Nam, Seung Beak; Kim, Dong-Kwon; Kim, Yang Jun; Kang, Sung Eun;
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The availability of NMP, a solvent used in the manufacturing process of cathode material for lithium ion battery, depends on importation, and the price remains high because of the monopoly of BASF and ISP. For these reasons, most Lithium ion battery manufacturers reuse NMP after recovering it from the exhaust air in the drying process. In Korea, absorption method is mainly used for recovering NMP from the absorption tower using the hydrophilicity of NMP. However, this system has a few disadvantages, such as low purity (80%) of the recovered NMP and 100% emission due to high water content of the treated gas. In this study, we develop a hybrid NMP recovery system by combining cooling condensation method with concentration method, by which it is possible to obtain an NMP recovery rate of 99.6%, and a high purity (96.1%) of the recovered NMP.
NMP;Volatile Organic Compounds;Cooling Condensation;Concentration;Recovery;Lithium Ion Battery;
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