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Numerical Study on Effects of Velocity Profile of Liquid Container on Sloshing
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 Title & Authors
Numerical Study on Effects of Velocity Profile of Liquid Container on Sloshing
Kim, Dongjoo;
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It is very important to understand and control the sloshing in a liquid container that is partially filled with liquid. Previous studies focused primarily on the sloshing and resonance caused by sinusoidal excitations, while the present study focuses on understanding and suppressing sloshing in a container that moves rapidly from a given point to another in industrial applications. To achieve this, we first numerically predict the two-phase flow induced by the horizontal movement of a rectangular container. Then we analyze the effects of container-velocity profile (in particular acceleration/deceleration duration) on sloshing. Results show that sloshing is significantly suppressed when the acceleration/deceleration duration is a multiple of the 1st-mode natural period of sloshing.
Sloshing;Liquid Container;Two-phase Flow;Residual Vibration;
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