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Numerical Study of Aggregation and Breakage of Particles in Taylor Reactor
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 Title & Authors
Numerical Study of Aggregation and Breakage of Particles in Taylor Reactor
Lee, Seung Hun; Jeon, Dong Hyup;
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Using the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) technique, we simulated the fluid flow in a Taylor reactor considering the aggregation and breakage of particles. We calculated the population balance equation (PBE) to determine the particle-size distribution by implementing the quadrature method-of-moment (QMOM). It was used that six moments for an initial moments, the sum of Brownian kernel and turbulent kernel for aggregation kernel, and power-law kernel for breakage kernel. We predicted the final mean particle size when the particle had various initial volume fraction values. The result showed that the mean particle size and initial growth rate increased as the initial volume fraction of the particle increased.
CFD;Aggregation;Breakage;Taylor Reactor;QMOM;
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