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Analytic Model for Predicting the Permeability of Foam-type Wick
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 Title & Authors
Analytic Model for Predicting the Permeability of Foam-type Wick
Ngo, Ich-Long; Byon, Chan;
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Wicks play an important role in determining the thermal performance of heat pipes. Foam-type wicks are known to have good potential for enhancing the capillary performance of conventional types of wicks, and this is because of their high porosity and permeability. In this study, we develop an analytic expression for predicting the permeability of a foam-type wick based on extensive numerical work. The proposed correlation is based on the modified Kozeny-Carman`s equation, where the Kozeny-Carman coefficient is given as an exponential function of porosity. The proposed correlations are shown to predict the previous experimental results well for an extensive parametric range. The permeability of the foam-type wick is shown to be significantly higher than that of conventional wicks because of their high porosity.
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