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Fog Collection/Removal System Using a Moss Filter
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 Title & Authors
Fog Collection/Removal System Using a Moss Filter
Oh, Sunjong; Park, Minyong; Kim, Wandoo; Lim, Hyuneui;
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Fog causes economic losses in transportation. It also results in health problems when it is combined with air pollutants. Considerable research efforts have focused on developing fog removal systems. However, most systems operate themselves after monitoring the fog. Additionally, continuous energy supply and maintenance are required to retain the fog-removal efficiency of the system. This study included the demonstration of a moss filter (a polyolefin mesh interlaced with moss) as a fog-removal method overcoming the limitations of the fog removal system. Three types of mosses with different surface structures were investigated to elucidate the relation between the moisture absorption rate and the structures. Among the different moss types, Hypopterygium japinicum showed the highest efficiency based on the smallest pore diameter and the largest total pore area. The visibilities with the moss filter and the polyolefin mesh were compared to perform the fog removal tests. The moss filter could provide a cost-effective and eco-friendly fog removal system with sustainability.
Fog-removal System;Polyolefin Mesh;Moss Filter;Water Absorption;Porous Structure;
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