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Development of Empirical Correlation to Calculate Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Coefficient on Inclined Tube Surface
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 Title & Authors
Development of Empirical Correlation to Calculate Pool Boiling Heat Transfer Coefficient on Inclined Tube Surface
Kang, Myeong-Gie;
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A new empirical correlation was developed to identify the effect of an inclination angle on pool boiling heat transfer coefficient of a tube submerged in the saturated water at atmospheric pressure. Through the experiments and the survey of published results 431 data points were obtained and the nonlinear least square method was used as a regression technique. The heat flux of the tube(), inclination angle(), and the length divided by the diameter of a tube(18~42.52) were selected as major parameters. The newly developed correlation well predicts the experimental data within , with some exceptions.
Pool Boiling;Heat Transfer Coefficient;Inclination Angle;Empirical Correlation;
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